- No spamming

- No inappropriate messages, pictures or other nsfw content

- No bullying or racism

- No swearing in the chat or trying to bypass the filter

- No advertising

On Discord:

- Avoid unnecessary mentions

- Don't share any illegal content or content that is against Discord's TOS

- No loud noises in voice chat

- Only music on music channel

- Don't queue songs you are not going to listen

- No inappropriate user names, status messages or profile pictures

- Don't intentionally spread false information

- Avoid sending unnecessary messages/spam on #server

- Please keep unnecessary drama somewhere else

On the server:

- Don't use hacks, cheats or other modifications that gives you unfair advantages

- Don't build things that cause harm to the server (lag machines etc.)

- Don't steal (except in factions)

- Don't grief (except in factions)

- Almost or fully invisible skins and skins with large custom geometry parts are not allowed

- Using exploits is not allowed

And in addition staff:

- Don't abuse your staff permissions

- Don't leak others private information

- Don't leak coordinates of players or buildings

- Don't give punishments without reason or without proof

These rules are subject to change at any time without warning.
Breaking the rules will lead to punishments.