- Don't spam the chat

- No inappropriate messages, pictures or other content

- No bullying

- No racism

- No trolling

- No swearing in chat

- No advertising

On Discord:

- Don't tag peoples without reason or if they don't want that

- Don't send any illegal content

- No loud noises in voice chat

- Music only on music channel

- No inappropriate user names

- Please keep useless drama somewhere else

- Please don't send useless messages/spam on #server

On Server:

- Don't use hacks or cheats

- Don't steal (except in factions)

- Don't grief (except in factions)

- Almost or fully invisible skins are not allowed


- No admin/moderator abuse

- Don't leak others private information

- Don't leak coordinates of other players buildings

- Don't give punishments without reason or without proof

These rules are subject to change at any time without warning.
Breaking rules will lead to punishments.