Our survival have many features that you can't take for granted on bedrock edition servers. We have most basic features available, pretty good terrain generator, animals, monsters and NO LAG. There is also some special features like possibility to claim land with protection blocks, possibility to lock chests and other inventories, possibility to buy and sell items and possibility to save locations and teleport to them. You don't lose inventory on death and creepers can't break your buildings.


Ready to start a war? Go to check out our factions! Griefing is allowed so be carefull.


Classic BedWars minigame. Destroy other players beds and kill them to win!


SPLEEF! With shovels AND snowballs! Try to drop others, last alive wins. Do not camp!


Make an island. Make it bigger. Complete challenges. Get rewards. Make your island bigger and bigger. Die for a creeper but don't lose your stuff.


Run or you will fall! Who can stay alive the longest?


Droppers! We have them too!


Do you like parkour? We have parkour. A lot of parkour! Can you beat them all?


In our PvP world you can show your PvP skills for others. There is different kits available, all for free.


ColorMatch, also known as BlockParty, is a game where you have to stay on correct color or you will fall.


Classic SkyWars minigame. Last alive wins. Kill the others but don't fall!


Do you like building? In creative world you can claim up to 10 plots for free! You can also allow your friends to build on same plot.


Wanna fight with a dragon? Kill it and get a big xp reward. End is also a good place to get some ender pearls. The inventory is linked with survival world.


We have nether with mobs. Nether world inventory is linked with survival world inventory so you can bring nether stuff to survival and survival stuff to nether.